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"One language, one country" matter has already been misinterpreted all the way with all intentions that could be harmful to everyones' politics of life. So far the government takes the policies to fix it's loosely made spine to stand upright. At the same time we cannot even blame the agitators in any ground for taking a decision against those tweets since much had been found so tyrant and blatant for a secular soul so far. So who is to blame here?.

Reading the comments from a normal point of view we hardly get any clue of any tyranat bits. He said everyone finds their native tongue so sacred and we need a common path for a better governance. So the so called officially interpreted language 'Hindi' could do the trick, he says. So here is the point. But in the case of India, better say, the United States of India where the states are poles apart from one another in every respects, but connected together for some unknown sakes, is packed with vivid cultural contexts with diversified language system. The gluing happened out of some helplessness, some forceful confrontations and indeed for some vicious patriotic assimilations. So now what?.

It could have been twenty nine countries for their undisputed unqiness and that's for sure. It is quite a big prophesy and could be blasphemy for the queer that may be in the future the clamour for divisions will be visibly heard, who knows and they will stand by divided deconstructing the old orthodox analogies.
The fact is that soon after the people are threatened for being a dominant trait prevalent there moreover digitally and spiritually bullied for one big union of states under that banner it happen from nowhere. I mean the division. The serpent will pop up then from everywhere for such to detour the ways of secular thoughts. So beware. Just work for the borderless unions of thought where no nationalism and no anti national symptoms occur. It's a danger strategy indeed.

We only need a place where we can be sane and sleep after the tiresome blissful daily-bread winning jobs. We need no selfish groupies who work for their groups' selfless goals. There then comes the competition, tears of joy and tears of sadness indeed in plenty and much more divisions. So be you and work for not a country that well protected from other 'alien humans' of neighborhood. Better call it a human society than calling it a country cause it's something bizzare in their eyes. The time has come.

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