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Crisscrossing Truths
It's all about a little big cacophonous thing here in the extreme south part of India, well to be very much specific, in Kerala, the so called 'God's own country'. I often wondered, more often, why the heck they named it with such title where the sane connections between them are way wider and farther. It's all about a bunch a shameless people's tales, (courtesy to the great "farrago of distortions"). Not everyone though, cause I believe its resurrection like a Phoenix. They can and they will since some Invisible beacon of hopes are still got their place in such embarrassed eulogies, to turn the elegies to neutrality, down to the humble zero thoughts of sanity. Literally it happens after the prolonged scoops in the media, and it takes time so does the enlightenment. Lets see anyway.

So the topic here is the disparity distributions of justice of the great "women institutions" of Kerala those pop up once in a blue moon, with bad timings indeed. Last day there happened, one social media fame social worker accused a leftist woman of being a prostitute of silly criticism when she found that person, only in her view, a freud one in charity. Her social babblings in the light of some recent void researches of some prostitution media especially on that social workers' job went viral with some leftists' Impetuous ingredients. It tasted bitter at the end. But it was indeed a faulty accusation on her part. Moreover, the real reason could be, she found him attending her revels' group function and to her it was not at all a good thing for such an independent social worker. It's quite natural for a leftist girl to get it wrong and no doubts. And the fanatic leftists made a beeline for her,to defend her all the way. So there began the verbal fight, the title prostitution, then there comes the Women's Commission's ritualistic intervention and it was just the tip of an iceberg. A much awaited event for them so that they decided the undecided things in real quick letting go of the terrible storms of the past and why?.

I'm in the dark of its real motto, The Women's Commission. Is it the real puppet of power politics? where they gone terribly helpless when the power man's misogynistic things bloom with all decayed scents. I have the real suspicion of facts because, for instance, there we have a Member of Legislative Assembly from Poonjar constituency in Kerala who is having mouthful lullabies of misogynistic things and he keeps reciting it whenever he likes. A blurt in the Kerala politics indeed. His enjoys it, it seems. He relates the nuns to prostitutes, and it's his habit to call women as crackers, rather it a double meaning word. So there taken zero actions by the "honourable" commission of Women. In another case Commission said "she" didn't file a complaint and there goes the policies of the commission, so arbitrary no?.

Here in Kerala the newfound feministic distortions of this decade are far away from the real principles of supporting women's cause. It all comes out so badly. The timing is bad so is the interventions. They bent their spines before the power politics, and the records prove it right, I mean the past events. Then they ambush the trivial ones whose words well said in situations that deserve right witticism. In the right dosage indeed. As far as that girl is concerned with this verbal battle, they say she scribbles some on social media sided with leftist dilemmas. And those blind heads believed her without and real visible proofs in her intentions. Such leftist souls' notes come under some ideologies. They say it's personal delusions but if it's said under a political ideology things would change. It's same with their critics, need more space in brain to take the right rightful.The recent storms has had enough of it and it means the beginning of decay. Something somewhere went irreparably wrong. It takes time.

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