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Focus the unfocussed
Mibeesh Babu 05 नवम्बर 19   8 लोगो ने देखा है  0 टिप्पणी करें 
Time to focus the unfocussed things in my life. I have been under the delusions of some drastic things, some current distractions indeed,to say the improper usage of social media platforms, games of battlefields and the rest of all illusions of digital dynamic game changers where I've been terribly spending my entire life. In a way it's not at all terrible though but if it hurts my onward march to success, it's indeed a beastly one no matter whether it gives a positive thing or the other. As some people considers it as a post world truth, the world we currently in, so we can say that our actions definitely be the out product of our presentness of thought and feeling no matter where lies the justice for truth's sake. It's dying somewhere else inch by inch and there goes its fate. So beware. Your feelings never compramise with the actual truth. Try doing something sensible to assimilate the true versions in the midst of emotions.

Same thing would be coming under consideration for everybody and we need a wake up call to free ourselves from some illusional pleasures. Its a silly topic indeed for some but it takes big tolls in silence in no time. It does its irrevocable rampage before we even realise the matter. So be the analyser of our deeds, I mean the real grave critic who takes even the minute details for granted.

So coming back from the solutions, we do serious errors in analysing our persona, and at the end we regret for some irrational reasons. We blame everything that comes to our mind then that which never accomplished by us out of inabilities. Reason? we never even tried, so what's the point in doing intentional zillon cardinal sins a day to appease our instincts. Go against the flow of now. Its difficult at first but you have to do that. No pain no gain, chant it daily. And that's it. Be the big cheese of your own life. Live your rules without hurting others'.
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