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A different girl next door...
A different girl next door39s take on Love. Love Like every writer, I want to ask you all too.. What comes in your mind when you read, or hear the word lsquoloversquo I am sure, that one person does come in your mind that has the potential to make you blush just by thinking of him/her. Yes, boys do blush but in their stupid funny way, which every girl longs to see. When generalised, I came across many types of love, like we love our family, our friends, our job, our cute little sibling, etc. Love is anything where we want to do something to make the other person happy. But there is one type of love that is experienced by every one of us, at some point in life, which is different from all these type of love. For some people, that happen many times, that is sheer waste of time according to me. If you ask me, I am also a normal person like you all. I am too blushing while writing this and thinking about my boyfriend and our relationship that has grown over a period of 3 and half years now. No, am not trying to boost anything in front of you all. Just want you all to know that I am too a usual person, I too have a heart that loves just one person. Anyway, itrsquos our human nature that whenever we hear or read lsquoloversquo, we involuntarily land on our wonderland where itrsquos just you and that someone special. That person has completely changed you, not because he intended to, it is because you wanted to change for that one person who filled your heart with loads of happiness just by being at your side. I find that state to be the most sacred state, as here you feel the love and happiness by just holding his hand. When I started dating my boyfriend, I still remember the feeling and still feel it whenever I see him. It is that time when I just loved the colour red. Itrsquos really amazing how I became a red colour detector machine, and smiled seamlessly, even by seeing the red headlight or taillight of a car. I donrsquot know what happens to me when he is with me. When he is telling all his office stories I feel like just listening to it. His voice is a sheer melody to my ears. For me love is not thinking what have I gained in this relationship, for me it is to feel like conquering the whole world by loosing every ounce of me to him. While he is going on with his stories, I love taming his hair, pulling his cheeks, or playing with his hand. Sometimes I really lose track of what he is telling me, because I am so busy in love with him. I love to just remember his small- small habits of smiling when he tickles me, that faint happy expression when he is trying to explain me something naughty, pulling me close and hold me like that for some time, or when I get a lollypop for him. I just love that whisper in my ear saying ldquoyou are minerdquo this just makes me melt every time, hey that rhymes. Now, when it comes to my stories, I see him smiling at me widely like I am a kinder-garden student trying to explain how I tied my shoes today. I am proud of him because the way he handles me, no one can. I am sometimes a reckless brat who just fails to understand simple things not my fault, creative people are like that. I just know that I love him, and I can bet my life on this that he wonrsquot find a person like me who loves him, accepts him, supports him, seamlessly like I do, something that I am proud of myself. Well, as we are talking about relationships then I would like to make a statement that ndash as much as love is necessary for the relationship, fights are also equally important. If you will eat only sweet dish every day I am sure you will die with diabetes, spicy food is also necessary thatrsquos it. Itrsquos just upon us how to handle that spice. Do you complain that this spicy food is just bad Or you enjoy the food and then drink a soda to avoid acidity later. In relationships fights are like spicy food, you can keep complaining or you can enjoy the after effect of making each other smile. The step where you are making each other smile is where you are forgetting completely that, you even fought at first place. This can happen 2 min after fight, or an hour later it is necessary to happen that day itself or else that small topic can become too serious. Which is unhealthy for your relationship Oh yeah it is. I donrsquot want to sound preachy, I am actually saying it because it is necessary to respect and take care of that lsquoloversquo for which you have fallen for. That step where you trying to make him/her smile, it is where you know that his/her smile is of utmost importance to you, and you go lengths to get that curve on his/her face. I play the mirror game with him and he just have to surrender. Itrsquos healthy for any relationship to forget the mistakes and move on, those fights are not to decide anything, those fights are actually to forget and just keep those sweet memories in your mind that you have shared with each other. While reading you must be thinking that I read too many romantic novels, and you must be thinking that bookish love is not possible in the real world. But I would say this kind of love is possible. Just to spend 2 min walk with him I went for 45 min walks in the morning so that after his tuitions I can spend those 2 mins with him. Thatrsquos me Not trying to say that my love is an ideal love. But sometimes things do happen in ideal way. You want it or you donrsquot want it, they just happen. The only rule in love is, never ask for anything, just do it for your partner. She/he may take time to understand, but they will get it because....She/he is equally madly in love with you Happy loving

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