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When you travel by the government bus to go to your grandma’s place listening to Ilayaraja’s songs and looking out the window, feeling good about all the greenery you see and watch about at least 1000 people pass by you, you feel different. I felt different. That’s when I realized that all those people have different lives and they’ve been in different situations and yet I got to see them that moment, just because. They all have had their own problems yet they laugh heartily with their friends at the tea shop. They just go to the government school and sit on floors to learn their lessons and yet they don’t complain about “not owning wifi” and worry about the current elections. They don’t live in hi-fi apartments and yet these ladies gather around during the evening to gossip about the serial they watched (and many other things too xD). They don’t own an AUDI and yet they drive their TVS 50 happily to work and bring chocolates for their children. When I turned to my right and saw the woman talking over the phone, I wondered that even she has her own stories and problems and yet she managed to travel alone on that bus to go somewhere. Life is short and we all have our problems. We have to be mature enough to differentiate the right and the wrong. We should be able to move on with issues which just seem despicable. We have to learn to design our destiny and not let external factors rule us. I don’t believe in fate and I strongly suggest that you also shouldn’t. You are the owner of your life. Just giving up and crying over it will not solve the problem, but when you wipe off your tears and show people that you are strong enough to do what you can… that’s when you establish your identity. In the coming years, I don’t want to be called as “Ramkumar’s daughter” rather I would like people to address me as “Mithra”. It’s very difficult to earn such a thing as ‘identity’ but a bit of motivation is ample enough encourage you. The bus-wala journey was “just normal” but when I emptied my mind and thought beyond, I was self- motivated. My self- esteem lifted and I felt responsible. So, why don’t you just empty your mind and shuffle yourself away from trivial problems of your life and start thinking about “you”…..

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