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Finding the perfect career for oneself is not a big deal in the case of Indians because either the family members try to make their dreams come true through their sons or daughters or the child takes up the career which would bring pride to his or her family, aka medicine or engineering by simply crushing down their dreams. The worst part is when the person doesn’t have any idea about his or her life, so ends up doing what the society thinks, is right. Kalam ji wanted every child to dream, not in his sleep but to dream about his life. The Big Picture. But not many of us do it or I should put it as, ‘Many do not know how to find what they truly want to be’. When we were small kids, teachers ask us about our ambition. We give varying response during different stages of our lives because we are unclear about what makes us happy and which career would be suitable for us. While the family members ask, “You want to become engineer or doctor?”, as if there is no life without these two sectors.

Being a twelfth grader who is doing PCMB (Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology) I have come across this question for the past 17 years of my life but only few months back did I actually know my likes and dislikes. Until then, I was just playing around with my life. I have been going for IIT classes for about two years now and I have been coaching myself for the engineering exam ‘Joint Entrance Examination (JEE)’ for B.Tech/B.Arch courses which is conducted by CBSE. My dad spent nearly 2 lakh rupees for this two year course and my plan about my career is nowhere near engineering. It may be shocking for my parents who’ve invested a lot on me but in my eleventh grade I didn’t know anything about my future so I happily attended the classes.

It all changed when I saw the movie ‘Interstellar’ in the year 2015 because I was a bit bored during one weekend. That movie changed my life. It had so much impact on the thoughts about my life and career. I would like to become an Astrophysicist now and I’m shaping my life accordingly. I would either pursue BSc. Physics or some computer related courses so my education is towards the desired direction.

Not only did the movie inspire me but also ‘the Internet’. It will be surprising for many to know that my life was molded by mere internet sources because how many of us actually use this wonderful facility in the rightful manner?

The elder citizens of India think that Internet is a bane for the young generation and that it is spoiling their education. Yes, it is a spoiler for those who misuse it. But if you really sit down and browse on your laptop or Smartphone about something useful, then it will bring magic into your life.

My exposure to websites such as YouTube, Google and many other innumerable educational websites is the biggest gift I’ve ever got. Whatever information you want, it’s on your fingertip. I took advantage of this and I started to go deep into the science behind the movie. The physics pulled me into it as if it were some black hole with infinite gravitational force. I started to watch many astronomy (not astrology) related videos and I watch them till date. I have browsed over thousands of articles on Google to keep myself updated on the current happenings. I’ve watched many documentaries related to this area and whenever I do all this, I get ‘Goosebumps’ because I get excited. This excitation is triggered because I learn about something that I love.

So life career is decided by some trivial incidents in our lives. Don’t be afraid of the bad side of internet and have the mental strength to explore what you like. I’m not asking you to sit the whole day in front of your computer browsing, but I’m asking you to spend some quality time alone, and to dwell deep into what you think is perfect for you.
You’re life may be influenced by many factors such a family, society, etc. but make sure that it brings at least the slightest happiness to you.

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