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1.Worked as a Information Technology Desktop Coordinator in Bizgram Asia Pte Ltd Singapore . From 13 Sep 2012 to Till. Roles and Responsibilities v Maintains library of all implemented software and related licenses. v Monitors Helpdesk Analyst call volumes and outstanding issues, v Dispatches and balances assignments according to analyst expertise/workload in order to meet end user service requirements, v Recommends adjustments or reallocations as required to Helpdesk Supervisor. v Performs basic account administration duties and keeps track of all user profiles in the Helpdesk Incident Management system. v Prepares documentation on Helpdesk procedures and ensures that it is kept up-to-date. v Consults with lead staff member to find short and long-term resolutions to enquiries and problems submitted to the Helpdesk participates in the formulation of support strategies and in the formulation of the unitrsquos work plan. v Performs basic account administration duties according to established procedures to expedite response to user requests including mailbox password changes, and account extensions. v Responsible for monitoring and reporting on his/her activities on a weekly basis.

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