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Global Village- Advancement of Communication Technologies
We live in the “Global Village”. As in the development of communication technologies, it’s possible to communicate, talk and share information. Even real-time video can be shared. In fact we can say that the “Global Village” is a virtual world. We just imagine the world has come to single point of sharing and communication. An Online Villager can be live across the Globe. The world is being shrunk by Digital Communication. As the Digital Communication developed the social networking has emerged like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn etc. That’s allow the villagers to communicate, talk and share by making connections and likes. This way the world is coming to common platform. That’s the “Global Village”.
While communicating in the “Global Village” we need a global language i.e. English? As we are living in the global village we need to learn English to communicate with global villagers. Because they have their own native language. We have own, that’s why. Globalization is result of technology advancement. People are moving across the Globe for engagement in the development and research. We are working with people across the globe. As we use English as a medium for communication. As I am living in the “Global Village”, I am very happy.

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