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Hatibagan is one of the most ancient and popular marketplaces of Kolkata. If compared to Esplanade Dharamtala which has got a quite British feel about it, this place incorporates an old world charm i.e., a very north Calcuttan ambience. Needless to say, its a neighbourhood in north Kolkata and the MARKET of Hatibagan hit the century in 2012 which means it dates back to the year 1912. Till date this place has sustained its originality and stood firm with its tradition. Being the most old or traditional MARKETS doesnt limit the age group of shopaholics to just the older section of the society. People from all strata of the society throng the place throughout the day. You would see the largest number of crowd during the evening. Well, I am not writing here about Hatibagan because one can easily Google it down. I have done the same along with some of my own additions. Coming to the important part is the story behind the above photographs. It was on 22nd March, 2012 when a major portion of the MARKET was ruined by fire. Most probably, the fire broke out in the middle of night - somewhere around 2o clock. We came to know of it when my dad was following the morning bulletin. I was quite moved by the happening as Hatibagan had become quite a friendly shopping destination for me after I returned to Kolkata. If not everyday, but at least whenever I had to buy anything, this was the place for me considering its proximity from my house. Also, so many people had lost their one and only property - mainly those who had their own shops. Maintaining traffic on that day was a difficult task for the police. I obviously had to cross the area as I had to go for my PHOTOGRAPHY CLASSES . It took me at least half an hour more to reach that day due to traffic. The whole road to Hatibagan was blocked that day and the auto had to take on a new road. Actually, I wanted to take a peek at the whole situation but that would have made me late for class. That day, the environment in my class was also quite restless. Everyone was busy discussing about the latest and the most sensational happening in the city. Various speculations were being concocted. Among them the very usual was obviously the involvement of political parties. Bengalis can never miss politics. Every student including me was asked about the current scenario of the place. I obviously couldnt say as I came through a different route. One of my friends, the enthusiastic one had come walking and therefore had bagged quite a few shots of the devastation. Discussions were on. Suddenly in the afternoon, our teacher asked two of us to take a tour of the place and if possible cover a little of the situation. I was more than ready to go. So, along with one of my classmates we went there. Leaving aside every other feeling, I was quite excited as it was the first time that I had been given an opportunity to shoot something of that sort. But yes, the whole area had totally changed. I couldnt recognize with the once happy, lively and colourful Hatibagan I knew. By the time we went, the situation was somehow under control but, I felt sad. Smoke rose from here and there but the firemen had been able to put off the fire. If you see my photographs, you may be able to make out how much a devastation can cost. I was wondering whether this place would again return to normal or not. Fire personnel were still busy with their work. The vegetable MARKET along with the poultry were all burnt down. Truly, this incident had shaken the whole city for quite a few months. Reasons are not known. Press had their own perceptions and their own way of speculating. Some say that it was due to lack of maintenance. Whatever it may be, it cost a lot. We almost roamed around the entire MARKET doing our work. After 2 hours we planned to return back to class. During that time, we all i.e., our classmates were freelancing with a local periodical. It was kind of homework. I wouldnt extend much on this. The photos taken by my friend and me covering the news were sent to the magazine . Good part was that my photo had been selected and then printed on their cover. So, it can be said that this incident had been my very first assignment on photojournalism. I would like to end this story here. Hatibagan did return to normal. But, yeah, it had taken some time to revive. It is still the same old, happy and colourful MARKET of north Kolkata with some new twists. And, it still remains one of my favourite places to roam around in Kolkata. Hope you liked my blog Good day Photoblog link http//symphony30.tumblr.com/

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