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EVEN ICE...Has a flame within... Each time I see the waves, I wonder why they have shores to hit Rushing through such long distances, only to be sent back Its said, sky is the limit.... So why cant the waves fly, or make the clouds wet......... They say, theres nothing called impossible.... So why cant the sea break its limits with all those angry strong waves within.. It can drown a complete nation, then why be in limits...set by the creatures. Is it the same way as we win over the world, just to find ourselves on our knees before someone The world around us which treats us like a celebrity in our own world of desires, making us feel so special in everything destiny gifts us, nurture those innocent demands, the heart possesses. The strength we keep collecting over a lifetime, amidst the setbacks in life, the failures that creep in each time we act ambitious, we hate them the way a female does, being forced to give up. Surprisingly, neither the waves, nor the female can keep away of staying helplessly mum. Its even stranger to see the creators of life, unable to save theirs. Yes...sometimes I create, I nurture and protect my dreams of the stampedes every night and wake up living them each morning. As the day passes, the scorching heat of the sun above, tires them, only to leave unreal promises of those we love , a violent fire that burns all hopes into ashes of disappointments. Its over, it wasnt ever meant for me, its too far. The way I perceive everything I miss, each time I fail and each moment Im helpless. There are times when its all blamed on that thing called Destiny. The word that I only pronounce when failure eyes me, be it in any form. Probably, thats the only rescue from the dirt of criticism, the pain of being ignored. The sun sets, evenings get dark and the nights, darker. Again , the heart craves to dream, dares to hope. Hope to stand up , to succeed and to walk down the narrow lanes of life that often has tricky ends. The ends that call for the death of despair or gives birth to a new one. The death that welcomes a new life. A life that makes me feel the death, each time Im deserted , every time they are in pain because of me. Pretending unaffected when they leave, giving up to myself in the dark, makes me feel helpless, weak. But when the eyes close in pain, theres something inside. A sense of security. The security from the harsh reality that awaits me as I step out. A strength that gushes out in me when fighting for oneself get indispensable for survival . Not always, there is helplessness behind silence, compromise veiled by composure. Rather, it can be an empowering resilience of the soul, that was distorted, that looked blurred, when destiny seemed envious of the innocent smile, that was lost since so long. The waves, like me, know the limit. But even the mighty setters are not spared when they break out, of calmness, of limits.... An iceberg is cool enough to give you shivers. Never can be broken by weapons, it melts with a mere intangible ray of the Sun.......for theres already a softer cool that longs for that one gentle sensation of love, that is as warm as care and hot enough to dare....

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