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Improving Websites User Experience by Scrapping On-Page Technical and SEO Content Issues - SEO Beginners
You should check your website on a regular basis for Technical SEO issues and to improve it to a Technically sound and user-friendly website follow the below 8 essential tips :

1. Always make sure that you have implemented Canonical Tags " rel=canonical tag" in all kinds of duplicate versions in your site.

2. If your website has any 400 errors (page not found issues) or 500 errors (server issues), fix these response code issues as soon as possible. Optimize 404 error pages (page not found issues) with permanent 301 redirects or use navigational options.

3. Regularly monitor your website for content related issues like duplicates, Long/Short Meta tags, missing of ALT attributes etc.

4. The common ways to increase your website speed are by minimal use of CSS, JavaScript and HTML, image compression, browser cache leverage etc.. Elevate and contextualize page speed related issues to make website fast and furious in the eyes of Google and searchers.

5. Improve Visitors engagement on website by improving content visibility with a proper internal links structure.

6. Use Anchor texts on landing pages and link to relevant page content.

7. Avoid building too many links outgoing from one page.

8. Speed up website content, make sure its load time to be less than 3 sec for effective SEO.

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