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Dear Selection Committee, It is with great anticipation that I present my CV in front of you, as referring to the job description for Software Engineer, I feel that I would be a suitable candidate for this role. In addition of having solid academic background and experience that you are looking for, I would also like to add that I am self-motivated, flexible and ready to work in any demanding operational environments. I am currently working as Software Engineer in Zensar Technologies Limited, where I am responsible for full lifecycle development of Technical Enhancement, Defects from initial requirement gathering to design, coding, testing, documentation and implementation. I have a good working knowledge of Java, J2EE, Struts, UNIX, MySQL, Oracle SQL, PL/SQL, Web Services and Manual Testing. Oracle Experience includes writing Packages, Procedures, Functions, Cursors, Views, Stored Procedures, Triggers etc. that provides solution to improve performance and functionality of existing Oracle jobs. I also have experience of working on small, medium and large sized system developments and enhancements across a wide variety of business and operational systems. I consider myself to be highly motivated and able to handle a broad range of tasks, have good problem solving abilities and team orientated. I am able to comply with all relevant technical standards, and have a proven track record of delivering all specified project outcomes on time and to the quality required. Right now I am looking for a first class opportunity to join a leading software company like yours were I will be able to put my existing skills to good use under your valuable guidance as I believe that I can be an asset to your company. I would like to get an opportunity to meet you in person to discuss your company goals and my ability to meet them, so please feel free to contact me anytime to arrange a meeting at your convenience. Thank you so much for your valuable time and considering my letter for the Job Post. Yours sincerely, Mahendra Pratap Singh

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