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iOS7 Vs Android Kit-Kat: The War Is On! Who do you think is Going to Win the Battle?
The mobile application development especially that of the operating systems, has taken an ugly turn for both the Apple and the Android devices. Since Apple has come up with IOS 1.x colloquially known as IOS 1 back in 2008, Google came up with the first iteration of its own operating system, the Android version 1.0 in the same year. It was just the beginning of the war which was going to rage on for the years to come. AppleiOS7vsAndroidKitKat 2013 has been the year where the aspect of technology has gone through many upheavals. More focus has been put on mobile technology this year rather than emphasizing the personal desktops and laptops. This year has been the ideal platform for these tech giants to come up with the latest iteration of the mobile operating system, which is meant exclusively for the next generation smart phone user. The present status Apple has already released the IOS 7 and Google is still to release its new OS- Android Kit-Kat 4.4. Apple IOS 7 ios7 When Apple introduced the new operating system on the 18th of September 2013, Apple lovers were awestruck by the new look and feel of it. The IOS had an absolute image makeover and it reintroduced the iPhone to the users. It had a complete design overhaul making way for the features and actions Apple lovers have ever experienced. The following lines would try to encompass some of these IOS changes in brief. Exit Skeuomorphism, Enter Flat Design The leather paper feel of the app designs are now absent. Flat designs embraced with dollops of pastel colors fill the screen and the icons making the get-up more simple and down-to-earth. Coupled with zooming animations and 3D parallax wallpaper, the OS is made to look very much alive and kicking. The whole design is made in a way, which makes every screen of the OS in-sync with each other. Though Apple has changed the design but, it kept the core functionality just the same. Introducing Control Center and Notifications Control Center and Notifications are two of the things, which have its acquaintance more with the Android users. The user can access the quick access tools by swiping the Quick Access window from the bottom. The quick access tools such as WI-FI and Blue Tooth Access as well as Airplane mode and music player is found in this section. The control center also integrates a flashlight mode, which is an ideal tool in dire situations. The Notification menu on the other hand gives a detailed notification on what exactly you would be doing today. It acts as the perfect reminder tool which intrudes into all aspects of life. Adding Safari One of the several additions to the IOS 7 is the latest iteration of Safari. The Safari nearly gets the same look and feel of the MAC OS X. It comes packed with a new filter for the Twitter users and it gives them the liberty while tweeting. The user also gets access to the reading list where you will be able to go from one user to another. The user would be experiencing extreme flexibility of the browsers as well. Apple39s AirDrop airdropapple Apple39s AirDrop has been an important app for file sharing developed by Apple. This file sharing app is already made compatible for iPhone 5, 4th generation iPad and iPad mini. This feature was originally a part of MAC OS X and it has been very useful for sharing pictures between friends. Multitasking Multitasking has always been a part of a windows phone. But this feature has been glorified in this new iteration of the Apple IOS. The new way of viewing multiple tasks on the Apple iPhone is out of this world. The full-page preview of all the applications which are running in the background is definitely termed as a real upgrade. Switching between two tasks is now a piece of cake, rather a piece of Apple. Just give a quick double tap on the home button and you would be back to the app, you are working on in an instant. It can definitely be made out from these apps that Apple has borrowed some features from Android. To discuss about Android, this operating system has acquired a major share in case of mobile application development. Now, what can be said about the new iteration Android OS 4.4-Kit-Kat Android Kit-Kat android-kitkat-4.4 No specific release date for Kit-Kat has been confirmed by Google yet. But the next iteration of the Android is definitely going to be a huge competition against that of the Apple39s. Previously this iteration came out with a name of Key Lime Pie. But the Android OS was renamed due to the reason of having more familiarity with the public. There is not much revelation about this new version of the Android. It has left quite a huge amount of space for prediction for us. So what can you expect from the Android Kit-Kat This version of the Android OS is rumored to run on Android devices which are driven by lower RAM capacity. It is said to be compatible with the older version of Android such as Android 2.3 Ginger Bread. The Android users are banking on few features which has been absent from the previous iteration of Android such as Ice-Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean. So here are some of the userrsquos expectations, which are elucidated through the following lines. The Android Kit-Kat Wish-list The aspect of multiple profiles has been introduced in Android OS 4.3. But it was meant specifically for the tabs. The new edition would have this feature available for the Android Driven smart phone as well. The Android Device manager is being expected to be incorporated with the new operating system. Apple iPhone had something like Find My iPhone for a long time. It is high-time that Android should embed something like this in the new operating system. Android Kit-Kat should have the feature to download Google Maps. It has been a much-needed feature especially for travelers using Android devices. Free-of-cost map downloads will help them get acquainted with their designated location. There is a high possibility that Android with this iteration would be toying around with television technology as well. There are high-end phones which offer IR transmitters. The upcoming OS is going to make the best of this technology. Android might introduce an App which helps in mimicking TV Remote Signals. TV viewers never have to search for the remote control under their Sofa. The Smart Phone would be doing the job of changing channels for them. There might be a feature similar to Apple39s AirDrop which will help you in exchanging files, music and photographs with your friends and relatives who fall in your circle. Everything about Android Kit-Kat is still in a very hypothetical stage. Only time will tell that how far the next version of Android is going to compete with the new version of the iPhone IOS. It is time for you to brace yourself for the OS war.

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