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Company e-Emphasys InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. Contract thru Amal Info Systems Pvt. Ltd. Duration September 2012 ndash February 2013 Designation Sr. Software Testing Engineer Client ASPEN Global Incorporated Project Name Aspen Testing of Artwork Management system - PaxPro Description Manual testing of the web based application PaxPro Aspen Pharmacare is Africa39s largest pharmaceutical manufacturer and a major supplier of branded pharmaceutical and healthcare products to the Southern African and selected international markets. PaxPro is an Artwork Management System in which 3 major processes are involved NPD ndash New Packaging Development, PPE ndash Product Packaging Execution, Data Change Workflow We can create 2 types of request thru PPE Process - Pack Change and Linex Line Extension. The Group Artwork Management System PaxPro will be a centrally managed enterprise system with limited user administration activities delegated to Aspen Group sites and affiliates. I will be responsible for understanding the entire Artwork Management System and doing the web based testing for all the processes involved in Artwork Management System PaxPro.

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