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Switchit - Multimedia Digital Business Cards
Switchit is completely free to use! Unlimited digital cards, no ads, and a user-friendly interface.

Switchit is the only digital business app with support for video, audio, and graphics. All cards are fully interactive, look great, and work as advertised.

With Switchit:
• Create fully interactive digital business cards quick and easy
• Upload dynamic video or branded graphics to your cards
• Share your digital cards with anyone, even if they don't have the app
• Store all your contact information and social networks in one place
• Schedule reminder alerts to follow up with people or prospective leads
• Integrates with Microsoft Office, Google Calendar, and iCloud accounts
• Online web portal for 24/7 access to your contacts from any electronic device

Switchit automatically saves the contact information of people you meet inside the app. Access and manage your contacts from the app or via the online web portal.

• Great working solution for professionals on the go
• Your contact and social information is always with you
• Save money and time from printing paper business cards
• Eco-friendly, environmentally safe. We love trees and clean air

Switchit is the leading business networking application on the market. The app is an ideal solution for professionals and teams looking to impress the people they meet and market what makes their company, product, or service unique through the power of video or branded graphics.
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