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InMapia : Browse Instagram Photos on Map
The app was not working from a long time but time changes and it’s good time for all.
The In-Mapia app is LIVE NOW!

This will change the way of browsing the Instagram images on your smartphone device.
You'll be able to find the nearby Instagram users, instant search bar to search images of your choice, Live feed and much more exciting features to stay in love with this application.

Now get rid of stereotype Insta searching on a completely new map view. Yes, a user will be able to locate the nearby images on a Google map. What’s happening new on Live Feed with an ability to search and set those places into favorite.

The triangle of Google Map, Geo tagging and GPS provides the easy, feasible and entertaining functionality to keep using this application.

Mindblowing features of App:

Locate nearby Instagram users on the map.
Follow them, like and comment on their pictures directly from the InMapia app.
With a tap on the image see the full-screen view of the image.
Love the image? Set it favorite and see that in My Collection later.
Set your places and cities favorite and see what’s happening over there.
Stay updated with what’s happening in a world’s top most cities with the feature of Live Feed Section.
Bias towards specific categories? With search bar, it’ll be easy to browse through your favorite places, people, and hashtags.

Start making the collection of all new and updating Instagram images in My Collection.
Browse, share and enjoy the InMapia NOW!

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