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Kate, Fever and Ayurveda

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Kate, Fever and Ayurveda

The plight of people in Kerala on the onset of monsoon queuing before clinics and hospitals make me write this blog

Kate my daughter was small probably pre-school days, had fever.

I believed majority of petit aliments that effected children were stomach related and a good purgative or laxative can be administered bi-weekly to clean the digestive system. I believed our nuclear families, on overfeeding our children, phlegm accumulates in the stomach, climbs up and shows a cough, later on respiration slows gets into the upper parts above neck and head, gets fever. SIMPLE ! .

I tried giving home remedies ginger and ‘vettumaran gulika’, cutting food intake, making the child to be in bed, applying water soaked kerchiefs on her forehead and giving Amritharistam. Fever was not subsiding, the child was becoming weaker and also vomiting. My wife Clerin was fuming and I could not justify not going to a doctor. I was running a ayurvedic distribution and my primary heath centre was an ayurvedic clinic. With Clerin I took Kate to Dr Dileep MD BAMS, second generation doctor at Kerala Ayurveda Ltd Clinic at Palarivattom.

The consultation fee was Rupees 20/- and the doctor prescribed ‘gorochnadi gulika’ with honey and ginger syrup. To my surprise doctor prescribed a detailed lab test and chest xray and asked me to produce the result at the earliest. I went to the nearby Hitech lab, helplessly paid around Rs 800 for the test and x-ray. I showed the results, the doctor did not add any-thing to his prescription and send us off. The clinic also did not have ‘gorochnadi gulika’. We procured it from some other place for rupees 20/-(plus cost of ginger +honey) and started the treatment. Kate was better with the first dose and came out well in a day or two.

I was worried. Why did the doctor prescribe those tests? Was he getting commissions from the laboratory? I mustered strength to ask the doctor himself. Doctor told me that I had come with Kate after three day of experimental-home-treatment and he wanted to eliminate chances of pneumonia or other ailments and he did-not want to take a chance. I admired the doctor’s decision.

This was a turning point in my belief in Ayurveda. From that day I believed that Ayurvedic Doctors should be properly paid for the prescription.

My belief systems were different. Association with ayurvedic doctors and reading ‘ history of ayurveda’ by kottakkal ayurveda pharmacy made me so. Those days ‘chicken gunia’ was the catch word and I was of the opinion that the Scottish lobby is playing havoc. Most of the patients even after being diagnosed with ‘chicken gunia and dengue’ were just given saline injections and advised bed-rest after all the worry and expensive medical ‘check ups’, where as ayurveda had a very detailed procedure of classifying fever into 72 types and followed by a treatment plan.

Earlier when Hans my elder boy was toddler we visited the child specialist doctor at Lourdes hospital every 15 days. It was at that time my friend Krishnakumar’s sister an alopathy doctor suggested ‘Septilin syrup’ (what she gave her own child) by Himalaya drugs. We got saved from the fortnightly rat race and Hans started gaining some immunity. This made me start believing that allopathic doctors are also silent admirers of Ayurveda.

All this are my EXPERIMENTS WITH AYURVEDA and I wish Kerala take an ayurvedic route of developing self immunity and not blame the mosquito. Developing self immunity is within our reach where as ‘eliminating mosquitoes’ is beyond the reach of our government.

The author Jerald Varghese is just an user of Ayurveda and can be contacted at mvjerald@yahoo.com +91 94473 27825

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