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The battery in kitchen – LPG Cylinder got over a week earlier than expected. I cannot blame my wife who has long before stopped using 'chuttu' and 'kothumbu' (the coconut tree fuel substitutes). I was self sufficient for my fuel requirements. Today is my 18th wedding anniversary over the years modern kitchen and modern wife has made me dependent on petroleum companies.

The subsidised LPG distribution system makes every citizen feel a like beggar for fuel. There should be a system to get non subsidised LPG.

I felt better when my friend from trichy told his condition. In Tamil Nadu LPG shortage is even worse. To make matters worse power outages last for 12-14 hours in some areas, making induction cooker also technically non-feasable. My friend who was visiting his working wife and only daughter had to depend mostly on restaurants for food.

When my kitchen fell back on induction cooker our electricity bill soared by a monthly five hundred rupee extra.

My wife has now requested for a small kerosene pumping stove. I scratch my head thinking of total cost of ownership. Also she is not bothered about the international crude oil barrel price. Buying kerosene is another nightmare. The ration shops have recently stopped our monthly supply of kerosene.

The other day i happened to witness another energy crisis. Kerosene is widely used by prawn farms to attract prawns into the field in the brackish water riverside. As the govt cut the supply through ration shops, getting a litre of kerosene in more labour intensive (i.e. beg across the limited households who get kerosene ration). On my strolls over the 'chemmeen kettu' (prawn farm in paddy field) i stopped to hear the sorrow of fisherman friend complain about a kerosene thief. As he was taking a nap someone in dire need came a looted his half litre kerosene. He was all out abusing and cursing the thief.

Back home my wife made some chapattis and curry, stuffed into the fridge and left us with the induction cooker. While i have to do baby sitting for my 83 year old father, she started early morning to reach my sister who is settled at Nenmara, Palgahat (43 deg Celsius).

For breakfast as we heated the cold chapatis on the mismatching vessel on the induction cooker i pleaded deep inside. GIVE ME RED!
Posted 24th April 2012 by Jerald Varghese

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