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Brain Drain has been one of the biggest problems which India is facing right from itrsquos inception. India has been crying foul, repeatedly making promises to students that they will provide a better environment, good pay-packages, less bureaucracy but all in vain. Such promises can be seen only in the long political speeches of our politicians but in reality the conditions are worse. Thousands of students who complete their studies from major reputed universities and colleges such as IIMrsquos ,IITrsquos and others move abroad for a better lifehellipa life which offers them more financial gains, less bureaucracy, more freedom and etc, etc. Not only students who have completed their professional education from India are moving abroad but now even the students who wish to make a better life are pursuing their studies in foreign universities, the reason being better chances of employment, more variety of courses and every other thing which our ill-planned educational system fail to provide. Such are the conditions that due to lack of expert professionals India is availing the services of foreign people. Due to Brain Drain our country is becoming poor while the foreign countries are becoming rich through their expertise and their knowledge. In order to prepare a doctor, the Indian Government spends round about 25 lacs of rupees and in the preparation of an Engineer, the government spends 10 lacs rupees and when these same doctors and engineers go abroad to offer their services, India gains nothing but loses every money spent on their education. Not only in education but even in other field, the situation is very poor. Businessmen of Indian origin are flourishing in America, Britain and others. Apart from business mens, Salman Rushdie, Amartya Sen, and others are enriching the foreign nations while making our country poor. Actually the problem is that our governments have never given a serious thought to this problem otherwise this problem wouldnrsquot have become so gigantic in proportion. Corruption at all levels is the biggest impediment in the road of stopping brain drain. In India corruption is everywhere, from top to bottom and this severely hinders in stopping brain drain. A Businessman who wishes to establish a factory or business here has to grease the palms of the officers of every department of which he has to take permission. If the greasing is not done then it is nearly impossible that he would even succeed in opening the unit and not only here, even after the unit gets started he will need to give costly gifts to the officials of the respective department for the smooth functioning of his factory otherwise lsquoanythingrsquo can happen. He will even have to pay the local criminals so that they donrsquot prove to lsquodangerousrsquo for his factorieshellip.there are many more but I just presented a viewhellipwho would like to setup a factory herewhy not instead go abroad and settle there, make a factory without hassles and tensions In India, the education system is unplanned. Same regular courses which offers no employment. What can a student do after completing B.A, B.Sc or B.ComNothinghelliplack of vocational courses make the scenario worsthellipbut in foreign countries the educational system is well planned keeping in view the current demand of production and services industry. Who would like to be called as ldquoEducated but Unemployedrdquo but if you do a regular course here and you are doomed to be called sohellipsuch is the pathetic scenario. As long as there is red-tapism, corruption, lack of professionalism, lack of recognition of good work, improved educational conditions and facilities, better pay-packages, imposing rules on students to offer services at least for some fixed time to the countryhellip the malady of brain drain would exist. The Government needs to work on this grave problem otherwise a day will come when the Indian Government will realize the graveness of this problem but till then it would be too latehellipfor everyone. That was the stuff, but I would like to ask one question to everyoneWe are born here, brought up here eating the food of India and one day we leave this country just for financial gains We desert of our country for thishellip I feel pityhellipno..itrsquos a shame, for everyone who wishes to serve in foreign nation just for financial, social and physical gainshellipand I feel pity towards those father and mothers who so haughtly say,broadening their chest that rdquoMy Son/Daughter is working as computer/software engineer/doctor and whatever hellipin America/Australia/England and othersrdquo In respect to these people, those people are much better whose son or daughter works as a peon in Municipality who are atleast serving for the welfare of the country. The Youth of India needs to come forward. It should understand that only financial and physical gains does not matter. There is a responsibility of us towards our country too. Let us hold this responsibility bravely. Improve yourself and the conditions will improve. Youth is such a force which can give this youthful India the much needed direction of development. Let us enrich our land and not of others. Let us not see what the country has done for us, letrsquos see what we can do for our countryhellip

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