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Unemployment In India: A Grave Problem
India is a vast country and so are itrsquos problems..Poverty, Population Explosion, Unemployment, Caste Differences and what not name it and itrsquos here..Undoubtedly the foreigners left no chance of snapping away the feathers of this ldquoGOLDEN BIRDrdquo but even after more than 60 years of independence the problem of unemployment is still the biggest hurdle in the process of the development of this country. Elimination of unemployment was one of the chief objectives of every FIVE YEAR PLANS and why only five year plans..various other plans were started and they even exist today.. but how successful they have beenWe all know the truth..In one of the reports published in a national paper, it was reported that for a vacancy of two posts of sweeper in Delhi Municipal Corporation, 10,000 applications were received. Though the educational requirement for the post was 8th standard pass, but the applicants educational qualification ranged from B. Tech to M.Ahellip.Unbelievable.. but yes itrsquos true..Such was the condition that in order to select the correct person for the job of SWEEPER, interviews were taken..This report showed the truth about the level of unemployment in India.. Today the problem is not that there are no vacancies..Industrialization has led to the development of various companieshellipthese companies require man force at every level hellipright from guards to managers..if in a company there is a vacancy of 200 persons, the companies would receive 20,000 applications but still chose no one whyThe fault lies not in their selection process but in ourselves which itself is a result of ill-planned educational system. In India, educational system is totally unplannedhellipthere has never been a proper assessment of what the industrial sector or other sectors need in which job opportunities are available..The same age-old things are being taught everywherehellipEven the father of our nation Mahatma Gandhi criticized the Indian educational system and said..rdquoOur educational system is certainly does not caters to the need of Indiardquo. Even at the topmost level of education there is a crunch of resources, teachers, materials sophisticated gadgets, equipments and everything which other proper university has..Many of the colleges donrsquot even have science department in their colleges as they canrsquot afford the costly setup of these..Most of the students graduating in humanities group end up being added as an another lsquoEducated but Unemployedrsquo group member..Such is the condition What is needed is a proper assessment and survey of what is required by the private companies and public sector and then should develop courses which should cater to the needs. At one time there was a craze of becoming an engineer and this led to spawning of various spurious colleges and students enrolled in such colleges were left no where..Such was the trend that every other student wished to become an engineer..this led to an excess and now engineers which donrsquot have skill are unemployed..Presently same is the case with MBA..nowadays everyone wishes to have a degree in management..right from engineerrsquos to graduates..everyone..and now the excess of MBArsquoS have led to unemployment ..Much is needed to be done in the betterment of the educational field. It will be only after this developments and betterments in our educational policy and system that our country will also start producing skilled man-force competent enough to beat the best ..then only will India get freedom from this unending evilhellip.

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