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Application Development Components
Application Development Components Resources Images, Audio/Video files, Text files hellipetc. Before design any android application it is highly recommended to add the resources like audio/video files, text fileshellipEtc. Layout Files Layout are the GUI screens in Android Applications, which will gives Provisioning to the end user either to provide input values or to check the output. Activity Classes java code to perform the operation Business Logic Manifest File This is the Starting Executable file by the DVM, in this all the activity files should registered and it decides the First Executable file. Android Project Directory Structure src Contains the Java packages the developer writes or imports for the application. Each package can have multiple .java files representing different classes. res/ layout Contains XML files that contains the layout of each screen. res/values Contains XML Files used as reference by other files strings, dimensions, colorshellipetc. res/raw Contains Audio/Video files res/menu Contain Menu items res/drawable-hdpi/mdpihellip Contains density wise pixel images which are used for application. assets Contains Additional non media files the application uses gen Contains auto generated code, including the generated class R.java. Android Mainfest.xml Specifies the project to the Android OS.
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