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Design projects have one thing in common, a source for their conception and a trajectory for their design development. Harold focuses primarily on peak conceptual experiences. He will show you how to search for clues to your core design inspiration. Yoursquoll become more open to new pathways to problem analysis and problem-solving inspiration. He will make sure that you will not only be productive but also professionally informed. Some of his credentials include Successful workshops at over 75 architecture schools throughout the US and abroad. 24 books and contributed journals, magazines, and leading design journals. Portfolio design content quoted and included in 25 of U.S. leading architecture schoolsrsquo application materials and resources. Harold is a workforce, meaning he keeps in constant contact with many professionals and academic colleagues. He is highly intuitive, outward going as well as introspective. He is a great listener and a ferocious conversationalist, maintaining a deep insight on professional developments as well as specializing all things Portfolio. Hersquos a thinker meaning hersquos always reading the latest professional-development books such as Writing for Design Professionals by Steven Kliment The Language of Things Understanding the World of Desirable Objects by Deyan Sudjic and The Great Unraveling Losing Our Way in the New Century by Paul Krugman. Growing up in Pittsburgh on the campus of Carnegie-Melon University, Harold was immersed in university life and culture, fine arts and design, and art and architecture from a young age. Hersquos travelled all over Europe, Middle East, South Africa, and even parts of Asia.

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