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Why “Beauty” the word itself is so much proud? What makes it do so, is it just another word or it holds some authority of pride? Pride is something unacceptable in the society but what makes it praised among all , is it a necesscity to praise is itself praised???What makes beauty beautiful?

The cherishing smile burrying all its pain in the wrinkles forming at corners of the lips descending downwards vanishing at the chin the tappering and slightly ovaled chin trying to hide all the sufferings and pain with it cuteness.The bold but small round nose standing up to compliment the decisions made and trying not to let it down in any way.The large deep set eyes with lines all around running outwards and inwards due to intense stress still the eyelids opens up hastily with lots of new dreams and hopes lashing out with all enthusiasim and confidence through pretty long eyelashes which slightly curls up at its tip to get set for its goals but sometimes when the eyelids shuts down feeling unwanted ,disappointed, dishearted and then when a tiny drop of heavenly water spils out of those eyelids just like a rolling stone which gathers no moss it gathers no one or never ever intends to do so.The gushing long hair looks no less than black deserted waves winding the deep secretive moments widin deep enough to get buried within......................................................

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