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WHAT has gone wrong with our press and politicians There priorities are really mixed up .There sense of public welfare has really gone awry. While half the country is drought stricken ,in hundreds of districts there is such a sense of despair that the farmer suicides this time is going to break all records . Moreover in a country where majority of the population is below poverty line , millions are going to bed hungry,are malnourished ,do not have access to sanitation ,education i.e. lack even in the basic amenities , these grave diggers ,these ignorant egotists are either haunted by Jinnah or are stuck in whims and fancies of the overtly sensitive khan. Please can somebody tell me what is Jinnah going to do for us even if we accept him as secular or for that matter - if we dont is he going to give our children food , education , or is he going to somehow coarse pakistan into not being what it is today Somebody please tell why Shahrukh held the centre stage and was in the headlines when half the country did not have enough food to satiate there bowels Sorry to say but they are just polishing firewood DISGUSTING

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