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Its been 68 yrs since r Independence,but still r govt. thinks that reserved seats should b there for backward classes. Most of them studying study in the high fees private colleges,they travel in luxury cars,and they call themselves the backward class. Actually reserved candidates are hailing from good economic backgrounds and yet they are provided with additional scholarships and get seats in renowned institutions like IIT and IIM. Even if they just attempt one question in these exams,they get selected. The only preference if given,it should b in terms of economy only,govt. should reduce their tutuion fees and other extra charges in lieu of the reservation of seats. This process is making them couch potatoes,bcz they know even if they don39t study,they can get a national level institute at ease. Bcz of which they get good jobs even if they r not deserving. We bave to remove this system of castes. In this country,no one is superior or inferior and v have to get rid of this.

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