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Telling about Myself,USPs.. This is What NANDEESH is for my Employers.. I am A Farsighted Energetic, Self Driven, Self Made Dynamic, Humble Socialist Humane Engineering Professional. with Excellent Communications stuff. A Self Learning type, Trying Spider, constantly looking forwards to working, delivering Variety, Multi-Tasking Change Challenge assignments dreaming Industrial Mechanical/Plant Engineer with Firmest Belief Faith in- Work is Worship Values Ethics Professionalism Honesty Hard work is Best Policy Walk the Talk Lead from the front By Example Pain is gain Perfection is the key to Success. Patience, Passion Perseverance/Pursuit in Tough, Tricky, Difficult problems solving Details Basics/Roots man.. Old is GoldRecycle, Reuse, Rework, Repair, Maximize use Policy Save Water Power Resources.. Save Earth Commitment/Loyalty Conviction Dedication Involvement Initiative taking Excellent Analysis Visualization Skills Helping Natured/Empathetic/Compassionate A Driver, Trendsetter Go-getter Strong Communications/Presentations Observation Powerwhich is natural with patience

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