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Media Relation..
Media Relations
Media relations are the heart of a strong public relations program.

We take pride in developing meaningful relationships with reporters and influencers. Media have come to rely on Walker Sands clients as expert sources. we’re always plugged in to the conversations that are taking place around your industry and your brand. What’s more, we know the publications that matter.
• Company and Industry news
• Updates and announcements
• Industry research and data-driven studies

We train our teams to think strategically, and we provide support from the idea stage through execution and results measurement. We’ll do one better the news ..
The modern media environment is as complex as it is dynamic, making the content, print media, social media, and other tools a necessary component of media relations and PR as a whole. This extends to blogs, as well. In a decentralized media landscape, a timely post or creative blog contest can have as much impact as a traditional news story. Whether it’s a photo that adds color to an article or an infographic that simplifies a complex issue, we’ll develop the creative materials reporters need that get you in the story…

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