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Youth4Work: Changing Perspective.
Youth4Work is the flag bearer in a change of hiring principles and recruitment process. The age old and obsolete process of hiring recruits with a standard test, interview and weeding processes have become slow and inefficient in modern times. The large number of applicants that flood the recruiters, create a great challange of identifying correct and authentic skill workers which the company requires. The only way to tackle this problem is to select potential recruits as per their skill set and proficiency in their skills. This is attained by Youth4Works yTests, yChallenges and yRanking which quantifies the skills of prospective recruits as well as rank them in accordance to other peers with the same skills. This also makes it easier for companies to identify their requirements early on without unnecessarily wading into broad scoped and vague degree certifications and documents. This helps in shrinking the search scope and targeting only worthy applicants. Youth4Work will surely challenge the status quo of anachronistic and outmoded hiring techniques, radically accelerating and improving the recruitment process.

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