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Ajay Sharma S/O shri M.P Sharma Vill suklapur P.O Ambiwala Prem nager Dehra Dun Uttrakhand Pin 248007 Phone No - 09997805534 1. I am well versed with fundamentals of networking and I can set up and maintain computer networks. 2. I have cleared CCNA R S examinations. 3. I have also cleared CCNP Route CCNP Switch examinations. 4. I have also assisted in setting up of small local area networks consisting of 40 to 60 computers. 5. The networks had integrated active directory server, DHCP server, FTP file server and squid proxy server. 6. I have also updated my skills by undergoing training for Cisco courses and acquiring related certificates. 7. I have worked on real Cisco hardware, albeit in lab environment, on regular basis. So I am comfortable in operating and handling Cisco routers of 28xx, 26xx XM and 36xx series and Cisco 3550 and 2950 series switches. 8. Presently I m working on Precision Infomatic PVT LTD as a Desktop Support Executive. 9. I have attached my rsum along with this cover letter. 10. I request you to consider my application for the appropriate post. Thanks Regards Ajay Sharma

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