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My Project work in my college
This is very interesting project not for only who love cricket for also who love to watch this game because thousand of us want to play this game but some time it is not possible because of this busy life, lack of ground etc. The game electronics cricket on board can be played by anyone even in their home by sitting on table. The interesting fact is even a single player can play this game. Circuit description of electronics cricket on board This electronics game circuit cricket on board is design by most popular IC LM555 and decade counter IC CD4017 from CMOS family. IC1 555 timer IC, forms the heart of circuit used as clock pulse generator. Generated clock pulse is fed to pin 14 of IC2 CD4017. Output is obtained from pin number 3, 2, 4, 7, 10, 1, 5, 6, 9, 11 by connecting LED to each pin as shown in circuit diagram. To play this game switch SW1 are placed in on position or pushed. All 10 LEDs are in on mode. But when we release switch SW1 last pulse only lit up one LED which is the game result. Now compare the result of cricket on board to chart and write your score in score boards, lastly count your all run. PARTS LIST Resistors all -watt, 5 Carbon R1, R2, 10 KO Capacitor C1 0.1 F/50V Semiconductors IC1 NE555 Time IC IC2 CD4017 GAME RESULT Catch Out LED 1 Stamp Out LED 2 Bold Out LED 3 Leg By LED 4 Single Run LED 5 Two Run LED 6 Four Run LED 7 Sixer LED 8 Wide Ball LED 9 No Ball LED 10

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