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It's all about how we think, the whole world to us is like how we see it. For each living thing it always about PRIORITY. It differs from 0 to infinity for each individual, for some to get basic needs for living like food, water for some to get beyond the basic needs.

Maslow's hierarchy shows that at peak we seek to Self Actualoization. For most of us priority changes from time to time as we grow-up and it leaves us with a feeling with something called unsatisfied,, from this point two things can happen one takes it as challenge and thrive for something more and one gets disappointed and stay at the same stage which obviously slows the growth rate of success or some of them completely lost the charm of beautiful life and to recover from that stage becomes very tough.

However we try, whatever way we pick but somewhere in our life we have to go through both paths. So we should be ready for every challenges and every setbacks and with a positive mind set we should try to go ahead in our life.

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