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Creative visual and text description explaining the concepts a. Lateral thinking b. Editing c. Learning Lateral Thinking Lateral thinking is the ability to solve problems and create solutions through an indirect and inventive approach by using logic, reasoning and artistic creativity from the thinking involved to create new perceptions and concepts. For Example, I recently went on a family trip to Singapore and one night at 200 am I was hungry, the hotel food was very expensive so couldn39t order room service and I had 1 croissant in the fridge but it was very cold and had become hard so I wrapped the croissant in aluminium foil which I had saved earlier and placed in on a heated Iron for 2 to 3 minutes and my croissant was heated, soft and warm to be eaten. Another example can be if you have gone for a outdoor shoot and its late at night with no hot food, you have a sandwich in your bag, you can heat it with a hair dryer and enjoy a hot and warm sandwich to end a perfectly hard working day with a delicious warm sandwich that will out you to sleep.

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