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Upcoming platform for Feminist Power
Hello All, Born with d boon of feminism, I feel we owe a lot to it. So some freelancer friends of mine alongwith myself are planning to launch an feminist platform to promote and work for the development of female at every role through every medium of promotion my sector is the social media promotion. As this is my primary or native place to discuss wid u guys. IT doesnt require to travel anywhere or give any fixed no of hours. Its upto you anyplace anytime u like or feel to share any experience of yours whether at your workplace,in the kitchen , in the house hold chores your innovative ideas will always be welcomed at our door front. Post anything you feel like........just promote your own talent and innovations. Very soon this would be going just wanted you guys to give it a try. your suggestions for this are always welcome. Some of you must have received an invitation as well for a small event starting on 3/04/2013 upto 6th April 2013. http// Do ask friends to join this as well.

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