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Grey: A perfect Blend
We always try to make our loved ones happy. Taking care of their needs, surprising them, showing love and care are all part and package of a happy relationship. When things go as planned, they appear white; brings peace and love in either’s lives. But at times when things go wrong, you see all black; no happiness, disturbance and restlessness.

Life is balanced and content when you see a grey. A perfect blend of White and Black. Its very important to understand that Life can be unpredictable. History does repeat itself but with very different consequences.

The problem with us is that we expect and appreciate only happiness, colours and good times but fail to even empathise the not-so-happy hours. But the irony is only if we go through these Black times, the more we value and appreciated the good white ones. If we never knew one side of the coin we would never have been able to enjoy the flip.

This was the irony but the truth is Time flies; whether good or bad, it does go away but never forgets to mark its presence. The good ones give memories while the bad ones teach lessons. These both are priceless gifts to us that definitely reminiscences over OUR journey.

These gifts mould us into the US that we are today.

Valuing and rejoicing each and every minute will make life sooo easier and happier. After all they do bear fruits which we are very fond of – ourselves. We look at our present situations when judging ourselves, never thinking about our journey until here. This may seem very convenient but is of the least importance.

The example that I am gonna give may sound cliche and even boringly philosophical but nonetheless this is the best description of what I want to convey.

“We always end up dead. May be early, may be late, before our time or after growing old, peaceful, scary, content or with underachieved desires; death hugs us anyway. Our last present tense is definitely going to be the same place. But where we differ from each other is the way which led us to death.”

They say its all pre-written in our destiny. Yes! It is decided that we gonna end up in the unconditional accepting arms of death but what we get to decide is how we wanna get there? Even monopoly gives us that choice. So why not accept the fact that the situations that we are facing are our own doings and choices? May be if we do accept, we shall be able to face the sufferings without remorse. This may not give us our perfect blend but will surely help us not to be either Black or White.

Ps: Black, white, grey; none of them are my favourite colours. (??)

Okay.. okay.. I am here after many days but was caught up in some work. I love reading your mails, suggestions, comments and just-hey mails. I may have not replied to many of you but I have read all of your messages. Thank you so much for keeping up with me even after I made you guys wait for so long. Hopefully you guys will be hearing from me much more often now.

Keep showering me with the most awesome words and I love you all. TaDa! ?? ????

.. Stay Happy?

.. Stay Beautiful ?

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