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Are the Consultancy firms good for the Job seekers?
According to me the consultancy firms are not good for both the jobseeker and the company, because today there is lots of consultancy firms that are taking place but only few of them are good and lots of are fake and they use the candidates by giving them new offer and exciting detail about their company and then take their fees, do not contact again, if somebody call them then they tell them that there is no job profile for them if there will be any then theyrsquoll be informed. Few consultancies are such type which has only 2-3 companies and their banners are very high and conditions are also 100 placement, and many consultancies which offer back door and front offer for the job profile, and after taking money they change their place and name. According to me consultancy firms are not good for getting job. Sometimes by the back door offer some wrong candidates are selected for the good job and good candidate does not take place because everyone does not fulfill the conditions of them. Companies also have contract with the consultant they have also condition to give good candidate for their company they pay for that and forward the candidates to the company by their reference take their interview but sometimes the consultancies give wrong detail to candidate for the job profile only for their 100 surety of job. If companies do have time to organize their recruitment for that purpose they can organize monthly test for the jobseeker in which they make a recruitment organization of All the companies with some terms and conditions for all type of jobseeker and fix any affordable fees for the test, by this way they can choose their candidate for the companies and the jobseekers have also some profit and they can be saved from the fraud. And companies can also save the money which they give to the consultancy firms. There is lots of social network site, new generations and everyone in this time are busy in the social network sites and companies also have their profile page on the social networking site if they do want to organization they can give the recruitment on the site so the vacancies can be directly seen by the jobseeker hence minimum chance of fraud with them.

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