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I am Nidhi Kumari and I hail from Bettiah which is situated in West Champaran, Bihar.

From the day, when I got senses about life, I always wanted to do something to make a change that could benefit the women community in any possible way.

Since I belong to a small place where every woman is not given the opportunity to pursue their dream. But I got chance to promote myself and this is only because of my parents who believed me.

I was good in studies since my childhood. So I established the trust on my parents that they should invest on my education rather investing on my marriage.

So, the journey started, I took a break for a year for IIT and went to Kota to become an IITian. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it. Though I used to be an aced student in Mathematics in my school days.

But then I got to learn a lot about life. I cried, smiled, and was in depression as well and I never knew it. So, this journey of 1 year made me strong in many ways. I had gained knowledge throughout.

Though I spent more than what I spent on my studies until intermediate. Going Kota wasn’t a mistake. It enhanced me, enhanced me as a student and a human being as well.

So, after Kota, I had to get into a good college. but a good college means a government college in India. I wasn’t supposed to get any government college.

After the hustle for about a month, I got into Galgotias University with the hope of doing great in life and pursue what I dreamt of. Undoubtedly, When you don’t make IIT and get into a private college where you pay a lot. Automatically, You get some push do something more than usual even if things ain’t in your favor. I started my college life. Nothing seemed what I expected. I never wanted to follow the crowd. Though I was doing engineering in computer science.

Days passed and I ended up with 6th semester. Then I got to know about DATA SCIENCE that how it’s changing the world’s scenario and making life easier for us. I read about it and gathered information that how exactly the real world problems are being solved by Artificial Intelligence.

Meanwhile, I came up with an idea which is a real-world problem and decided, I should pursue DATA SCIENCE to implement my thoughts and help the world.

Say it to my luck or Destiny, I sat for a workshop happening in our college where Data Science was being represented by AIC BIMTECH’s colleague named Sudhir Singh Nayak where he was explaining the area of Data Science. There, I got answers to some of my questions. They were starting the training for students in DATA SCIENCE. I appeared for the test which I required to clear to pursue the course and I cleared the test.

Then, the journey began, Today was my first day at AIC BIMTECH, It was an induction session in which we were introduced to the trainers who are successful data scientist solving the real world problem.

They inspired me a lot. Things which I got to know that we don’t need to be any IITian or NITian if You want to change the world. We just need that spark which lie within us.

We had a never-ending discussion which had to be stopped because of the time limit. They discussed primary areas of AI. How AI is being used in Netherlands to help cows. How political parties are using AI and How The winning of Trump in the US was already calculated before the result came out.

Every prediction in order to solve a problem is being done by AI. I got to know that How does it feel like being a DATA SCIENTIST? It gives respect where you work because the company is relying on you.

AI is being used in India to solve many public problems. AI is about to change the world for good.

My only motive for pursuing this course is to solve the biggest problem of this world and give it a solution with the hope of changing things for its development.

I know AI will help me in this and my Mentors will surely guide me to achieve it.

I’ll continue to write my journey of these 6 months in order to become a data scientist. I hope I could be a pioneer in your life.

You can comment and email me if you have any query. I am looking forward to help you all.

Thank You,

Nidhi Kumari

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