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The Journey of becoming a Data Scientist

A data Scientist can rule the world and This is what I concluded after Day2.

Josh Will quotes " A person who is better in statistics than any software engineer and better at software engineering than any statistician, is a Data Scientist."

So gist of this quote is You need to learn Statistics and Programming stuff, if u wanna be a Data scientist.

If you are aspiring to be Data Scientist, Believe me from now onwards, Start Finding the problems around yourself.
See there can be various form of a single problem. You just need to capture the real Problem and that's where you'll start working like a Data Scientist 'casue the first thing a Data Scientist does is " Questioning" that is to find the real Problem.
Once you know the actual Problem, after that work is easy. Identifying a wrong Problem can lead to a big failure. So, we need to build our pillars stronger.

It was all about a Data Scientist.

Now we need to know about what exactly is the role of Data Science in the real world?

Everywhere is Data Science. It's something which has no limit.
So, Did You know, if a Football team wants to win the game, It's not only the matter of players. That team should have a good Data Scientist.
Yeah, I could sound stupid but believe me now a days everything is being controlled by data.
Winning of a team is decided earlier than it's done. Not only winning but what would be the score of a particular team, gets calculated before the match.

Everything is a matter of data which is being generated every now and then.

Do you Know ?
90% of the whole data has been generated in the last two years. It could have shocked you. But It's true and technology plays very big role in its cause.

Do You know ?
A 37 year old Indian software engineer was diagnosed by rare form of Breast Cancer and there was high chances of removing both of her breast surgically.
Here, Data Science showered the magic on her.
Her medical reports and genomic data was fed into the IBM's Watson Super Computer and in 60 seconds it threw up several treatment options and gathered evidence specific to her Heath needs.

Data Science is never ending stuff because it is impossible to stop the generation of data. So, we need to focus on "How these data can be useful and helpful?"
Now, We can also conclude "Data Scientist is one who makes the Data helpful to work which once seemed impossible."

Steps in Data Science Process :

1. Questioning
2. Engineering
3. Mining
4. Learning
5. Storytelling

So the steps 1-4 are to conclude a solution of a problem and presenting to the customer comes under storytelling and Storytelling is the most important part.

By the way, Do you know about DJ Patil ?
Read about him ??

He is a perfect prototype of a Data Scientist.

I hope u gathered some information through this blog. I'll write about Day3 soon.
Till than Read about problems which get solved by Data Science and believe me You'll be amazed for sure.
If you want to know more, then drop me a mail. I look forward to help you guys??

Thank You
Nidhi Kumari (

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