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An employee’s professional day begins with dressing up for the office. The usual routine works in the office get a little uneasy when you get a call from the HR for a meeting.Surely, that would clog up your mind with millions of questions. Also with the news that one of the employees getting fired is in the air, one will definitely experience chills down the spine. We all only tend to see the pressure of employee experience, no one thinks from the HR’s point of view. We also don’t realize that they too experience the similar pressure. The pressure of informing someone that he or she can no longer be a part of the organization is a tough and challenging part of the job.

Human Resource is the first person to whom the employee interacts on getting hired into an organization. This creates a type of bonding between them and their hired employees. In this extremely competitive world, determination and dedication are the backbones for a successful career. If an employee’s performance is below satisfactory or does not meet the deadlines, he or she is prone to layoffs. Complains are directed to the HR and they do a detailed study by going through the performance history of the employee. The employee is given an opportunity to rectify and when few do not indulge in changing their attitudes towards work, they are terminated from the organization.

Every organization undergoes the tremendous change for its growth and layoff is the constructive destruction for the betterment of the business. Logically, one can serve the society well by growing and reforming that which is not possible with the team of non-performers.

Sometimes personality of the person is masked by their professional profile. Often people assume HR to be heartless, ruthless and arrogant while actually, they are only doing justice to their profession nothing is personal. Their job is to plan, direct and execute all the administration related work. They perform their duties as directed and we tend to forget that they are also employees and not the owner which means they are also answerable to their superiors just like everyone else.

When the organization is recruiting new employees, tremendous pressure is put onto the HR’s shoulder. It is they(HR) who have to pick out the best suitable applications for employees from the hundreds who have applied. They perform a thorough check on the personal details, personality characteristics, background, educational qualifications and at times the institute from which the employee qualified before taking his or her applications into consideration for the job.

It requires a lot of patience and control over the mind of any Human Resource person, especially during the counseling sessions. They interact with the person on the basis of the assumptions of their mindset, without knowing the actual state of mind of the person. They put themselves in the position of the other person to understand what their mindset and counsel them.

My advice to every employee is always that there is very thin line difference between responsibility and performance, responsibility is for what you are hired and performance is something beyond that. So please understand the demand of today professional front and work accordingly.

We, humans, tend to make mistakes every now and then; correcting our mistakes is a sign of continual improvement which is always good for the betterment of the organizational and above all- our self. HR plays a very crucial role in running the company successfully from the backstage. They set aside their mental state, problems and solves other problems by offering them constant support and guidance.

We hire people to perform not for giving excuses.

Mrs. Nikhat M Hamza

Director HR & FTA

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