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When I face problems, running away sometimes seems like the easiest solution.

So, does this happen with you as well? You can run away, of course. That freedom exists. But it is a very small, petty freedom. It only leads to a life of great hardship, a life in which you will be powerless, weak and completely frustrated. But, great character is forged through hardship.

Never give in to defeat. Winter always turns to spring. It’s really important that you turn and face your troubles head on. You will absolutely cherish this phase later in your life. Most of us are always complaining about the problems in our life. The more you complain; the harder it gets to live a happy life. Nothing lasts forever. Everything in life is temporary. The circumstances around you are the effects of your deeds in your past. After all, life is all about cause and effect. The deeds you did in your past are ’causes’ and you can see the ‘effects’ of it in the future; good or bad. Life is all about sending good vibes. If you think good about others, people will automatically think good about you.

The hardships you experience now will all contribute to your growth. Just go with the flow; not caring what others think of you. Be a warrior; not a worrier!

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