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Manchester United vs Swansea | Rant | #GlazersOut
Yes, you read it right. Its not a review, its a rant. Partly because I could not watch the opening match of the season live and partly because the performance is not worth a review. Swansea beat MUFC 2-1 at Old Trafford in the opening game of the season, the first loss in an opening fixture since 1972-73 and no I dont blame LVG, I dont blame the players, I blame Mr. Ed Woodward and the Glazers. We had to start with Lingard at RWB and had to give Tyler Blackett a debut in the opening game of the season. The squad is in shambles. Luke Shaw, Valencia, Rafael, Evans, Carrick, Welbeck are all injured and now Lingard is out for at least a couple of weeks. Fletcher was woeful, Nani just cant play and Smalling was made to look like a youth team player. If we dont get some players before this window ends, we could be looking at another dreadful season and I feel bad for Louis Van Gaal because he might be fighting a losing battle. We are too top heavy and badly need reinforcements in the midfield and defense. If Ed cant find the chequebook in time, the top 4 is going to be a struggle and frankly the fans deserve better for spending left, right and center on season tickets and merchandise every season. The Glazers have been milking the club for money they raised another 150M last week by selling shares but we see no investment in the club. I dont want that we spend 300M on players but we need to adequately replace the trio of Vida, Rio and Evra and we have not had a Keano in the midfield since 2005. If Ed cant deliver now, we might as well pray for someone to buy the club soon because I cant watch this club being used as a cash cow by people who have no respect for the glory and reputation of one of the biggest football clubs in the world. GlazersOut NS

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