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A special day of my life....My wife Birthday!
My wife39s Special day of my life... Well, my life is You.. I have nothing to give You.... Rose for rose don39t deserves You... Only One thing I can do..... Promise to be with You. Warm hugs and kisses giving to You. My love, Happy B39day to You Everyday You stole my heart. Everyday You look more beautiful. Everyday my love grows for You. When I was sad ,U wiped my tears. When I was happy,U were there to dance. Lucky to have a wife like You. My dear, Happy b39day to You. My sweetheart,U r my breathe. My Special angle, U r my dearm. My love,You are my lifehellip Be mine, until I am alive... I wish I celebrate this day everyday.. Happy B39day my hottest wifuhellip. Happy to you May God bless you Come here darling, wanna hold you My stars shining b39coz of you My luck smiling b39coz of you My warm wishes always for you

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