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Instagram is for memes, dog videos, and — finding your dream job? Well, it is now.

Influencers, companies, and other users have long benefited from the personalized connections they make on Instagram. Now, your job seekers should be taking advantage of the platform for their job searches every day. Actually, more and more job seekers (35 percent) say they’re finding out about job openings on social media, according to a survey conducted by Jobvite.

Using Instagram, your job seekers can network with employers and professionals, showcase their talents, and gain an extra edge when searching for their dream job. Here’s a quick look at how you can help:

Take stock of their account
Reviewing social media accounts and adjusting privacy settings is a normal part of your job seekers’ searches. But if they’re going to use Instagram to land their dream job, they’ll need to make their profiles public.

Analyze your job seekers’ social media pages. Really dig in and critically review their page from a hiring pro’s viewpoint. What message is it sending to potential employers? If their pages are set as private or full of content you would advise against allowing potential employers to see, offer a few options.

They can clean up their current account, deleting anything inappropriate and start from scratch. Or, they can keep their current account private and create a new, “professional” public account to use for job searching. The decision is up to them, but be sure they know how to maintain the level of professionalism employers will look for on their social media wherever you leave off.

Show them how to stalk employers
Find company Instagram accounts and start searching their page for information. Keep in mind that some employers have separate accounts for posting jobs and connecting with candidates. This can be a great place to find job openings and answers to some of your job seekers’ questions about what working in their dream job would actually be like.

Show job seekers what information to look for on company Instagram accounts — both careers pages and general accounts — that will give them information to help in the job search process. For example, they may learn that Friday is bring-your-dog-to-work-day, or that the team they want to work with volunteers every month at the local food pantry.

Help job seekers practice using this information in the job interview. Tell them to first share what they found, why it makes them excited to work for that company, and why they think they’ll be a great fit. Not only will they impress hiring managers with their research, but also they’ll be able to show exactly why they want to work for the company and why they’re the perfect match.

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