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Ways To Avoid Getting "Shadowbanned" On Instagram
So, What’s the Instagram Shadowban?

It isn’t an official term but is being widely bandied about.

The shadowban has been associated with the use (or misuse) of hashtags, discovered when users started conducting some experiments. I’ve gone through ALL my hashtags and discovered that the #nyc hashtag is broken. Using even one broken hashtag will render ALL your other tags useless! I don’t know if just this one thing will fix all my instagram problems, but I’m staying optimistic!

In other words, a post with an “offending” hashtag will not show up in searches for any of the other hashtags listed in the post.

As a result of being shadowbanned, only your current followers will see your hashtagged posts as they show up in their stream (and if your followers were to re-gram your images, these images would be subject to the same shadowban). Not only does this limit your engagement with the greater IG community, but it can also lead to a stagnant or even negative growth rate. Obviously, the exact opposite of what we want.

Ways To Avoid Or Get Out Of Shadowban ! Strategies for Success from Top Instagram Influencers

Make sure you aren’t using any of IG’s banned hashtags that have been overtaken with spammy posts.
Form an Instagram Clan or Engagement Group: A Clan is an informal group of like-minded accounts that visit each other’s photos and feed the algorithm by engaging via original comments and likes.
Even if Instagram allows 60 hashtags per post, should you really use that many? Use hashtags sparingly in conjunction with your branded hashtag(s). The Instagram limit per post is 60, but you may want to be more targeted and not come off as spammy with your hashtags.
Don’t buy followers.
Don’t use third-party apps to post photos, especially with hashtags. Revoke account access to any third-party apps you’ve enabled.
Instagram isn't a fan of third-party apps that like, post comments, or hashtags on your behalf.
Be authentic when you comment on Instagram photos (and do it manually). If you reply on behalf of your brand in a generic or formulaic way, you may be flagged as a bot or deemed to generate irrelevant content.
Change from a business account to a personal account, be advised you'll lose capabilities like insights and a Contact button. Know that Instagram may give you leeway to fly under the radar if you are not seen as being on the platform to generate revenue. Along these lines, unlink your Facebook fan page from your Instagram account.

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