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RAPE has become a common 'word' and a 'business' too
These days Rape has become such a common word and business too. Right? In everyday news, we see and hear, about a lot rape of a female whether she’s too old, too young, a teen or a kid. Rape has no age limits or boundaries these days. No one cares or respects women. In India, every hour, every minute, every second a woman is raped or young girls are sent to far off places for prostitution forcefully and are raped several times by several men. And, our so called innocent and intelligent society starts talking, judging and pointing out at the girl’s character. So, is this the fault of those girls, who were raped forcefully. People say men are attracted towards girls because some wear short clothes, or look seductive, sexy etc, etc. And that’s the reason why they ‘Rape’ them, so now I want to slap you because your ‘Stupidity’ provokes me. It’s the bad intentions of those men, that they raped her, not her fault that she wore short clothes, or came out of the house at night. Dude, common it’s high time, change your views, now is the 21st century, don’t make it the century, which our future generations would call as the ‘Century of Rape’, make it the ‘Century of Love and Respect’. Respect girls, their views, their thoughts, their clothes, and their body.It’s true we cannot trust anybody, no one. Many girls have been raped, there are many stories, and one such story is ‘Nirbhayas’. We protest, do rallies for some days, give long speeches, but then as usual after some days, come out from the ‘Reel’ world to the ‘Real ‘world of monsters. Society never supports girls; they are too behind in this case, but, first in case of judging and taunting about a girl’s personality. Literally, it’s now time to change such bullshit thoughts and make it the century to be called as the ‘Century of Love and Respect’. Love girls, care for them, respect them, adore them, but don’t let their virginity go in vain by ‘RAPING’.

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