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Down the memory lane, I will always cherish, Some sweet and sour memories, Which will never perish. As usual i opened my facebook page, but that day was special. There was an update by university of delhi page, it was for the first time being held cultural festival of University of Delhi-ldquoAntarDhvani-2012rdquo. I registered for anchor/volunteer. I went for auditions and got selected as a student anchor. The confidence today I have and what was on 21st February 2012 is immensely different. The first time I went on stage in Sir Shankar Lal Concert hall to anchor for the preliminary rounds, I was so nervous, I had no script, nothing I just had to speak my mind out. I anchored for the street dances even and truly I didnrsquot even know what actually were street dances, but participants gave me some knowledge. I can clearly recall when Tuteja sir told ldquofrom today this is our new familyrdquo. It worked out like anything, I was a little less nervous with the group of unknowns I was sitting with. At the last actually we-professors, volunteers and anchors became a family.First time I met with a group of 30 people who hate to waste a single minute, they all wanted to work harder and harder to make the event a huge success and the end we achieved our goal. Each and every experience at the festival was great from standing beside ldquoMrs. Sheila Dixit-Honorable Chief Minister of Delhirdquo, or having a small chat with our Vice Chancellor ldquoProf. Dinesh Singhrdquo. Interacting with news reporters, walking at 8 in evening on university roads or the tea and yummy samosas and panner pokaras we used to get while working. Everything is unforgettable. I also learned a lot from everyone. Suchitra Marsquoam-the style of speaking on stage, to hide nervousness from audience when you donrsquot have a script, from Khurana Sir and Sahwney Sir- to be calm at a very stressful situation, from Tuteja Sir-to be organized. And the unforgettable part my friends- volunteers and co-anchors-using a photo state machine, using professional camera, making videos from different softwarersquos, and the list goes onhelliphelliphelliphellip. The article would not be complete if I donrsquot quote my favorite anchoring lines- Khil Uthi Kali-Kali, Nayaa Vikas Chaa Gaya, Dwaar-Dwaar Saj Gaye, Khushi Ke Deep Jall Gaye, Yuva Mann Mein Liye Umaang, Nayaa Tyohar Aa Gaya. At the end I would just like to say- Dance is over, the applause subsided, But the joy and the feeling would stay with me forever.

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