Bangalore, , India
Core Java, Aptitude, Data Structure
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I have worked with Aricent Technology Holding Ltd for 6 month in C and Data Structure
Previous Working:

Hands-on programming skills experience in C and Datastructure.
Socket-Programming skills.
Using Linux operating System.
Tools Used :- Gcov,Valgrind.

I want to be a part of your organization. Presently, I will be able to join from JULY 2015 onwards.
I would prefer the base location to be Bangalore or Kolkata. Please find my resume . Feel free to contact me at +91 8509815390 for further details.

D.O.B- 07/11/92
10TH- 83.4%
12TH- 76.2%
B.TECH- 8.45


Computer Proficiency:

C and Data Structure
Core Java
Software Engineering
Packages Known: Microsoft Office

Subject Of Interest:

Operating System
Database Management System

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