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Freedom and discipline has always been regarded as contradictory to each other. While discipline is to control, freedom is to let yourself loose of all restraints’. However, in present ciontext, the Two are closely interrelated and fairly complementary to each other. In respect of kids, it is necessary to realize the concept and strike a perfect chord of balance between the two. For kids to be free would mean to be in control of self i.e. self discipline. The child no longer wastes his energy on aimless activities and become agitated and terribly annoyed. Instead, he has the liberty to choose his work and become so much so involve with it that any other stimulus goes unnoticed. Well, this sort of concentration is an outcome of freedom of choice. It is the exact moment when real discipline emerges.
To put it in nutshell, discipline and freedom goes hand in hand. It is to be realized that freedom is crucial in the attainment of true obedience in kids life .

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