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• Remain a main point of contact for financial related issues.
• Supervise & coordinate the Accounts division; ensure that all accounts responsibilities are handled efficiently and effectively.
• Posted stock vouchers such as MRVs, Credit Notes, Purchase returns, Transfer Vouchers, Stock Adjustment Vouchers etc.
• Manage & supervise stock count & report to management if materials found short & excess
• Manage the day to day financial transactions of the company.
• Maintain book of accounts in a computerized environment.
• Prepare day to day bank transactions & day to day cash transactions reports.
• Responsible for daily funds position, receivables position & reporting to Finance Manager
• Handle cash management & petty cash.
• Prepare debtors’ listings / Check customers’ credit ratings.
• Manage the Invoice generation Operation & Credit Control.
• Ensure reconciliation of all sub ledgers & general ledger is performed on regular basis
• Prepared LPOs; handled PDCs.
• Credit control & collection of accounts receivables & reconcile customer account.
• Payment to supplier& reconcile supplier account.
• Verify recorded transactions and reports irregularities to management
• Check Monthly Bank Reconciliation Statements of all bank accounts maintained; resolve any differences in a timely manner.
• Ensure continuous development & improvement of the procedures within the finance department.

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