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• Setting processes to stream line the procurement activities with adequate controls
• Maintaining Inventory levels. Total Materials Management
• Core sub process owner for implementing new ERP (INFOR Ln)
• Procuring items only when required / Just In Time (JIT)
• Procuring material required for projects to a tune of 700 + Crores with healthy bottom line (at NOS level)
• Efficiently managing a team of Engineers, Commercial staff & Inspection authorities
• Vendor Management, Inventory Control & with healthy Working capital
• Identifying & setting up ware houses & offices at sites & maintaining Inventory at sites
• Modifying Stores area to ease material storage & distribution, by implementing ‘5S’ strategies
• Increase discount of standard / branded items & identifying potential alternate vendor base
• Standardization of Personal Protective Equipments (PPE)
• SMART goals & training needs identified of all subordinates
• Processes pertaining to Materials section well defined with smart, adequate Performance Indicators (PI) calculating Safety, Perception, Effectiveness & Efficiency of the process
• Actively involved in disposing off hazardous items as per MPCB / CPCB norms
• Responsible for IMS (Integrated Management System) & Business Excellence (CII EXIM award) procedures in Toto, prepared manuals
• Certified Lead Auditor (ISO 9001:2008) by Nigel Bauer & Associates in conjunction with TUV
• Actively involved in ISO 9001; 14001 & OHSAS. Business Excellence Internal & External Audits
• Identified & appointed as an Assessor by CII, for CII-EXIM Bank Award for Business Excellence
• Active member of the Kaizen & Authorize as Kaizen Evaluator

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