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Aayush, an obedient n brilliant boy joined his dream career engineering in one of the top colleges. Within no time he envied other classmates and got applauds from teachers for his excellence in academics. His energy n exehuberance in extra curriculum is unparallel. His parents were very proud to see the progress and thought of surprising him with a perfect gift. They presented him the latest menace on road, Yamaha R15. On seeing THE GIFT, he was delighted and felt very happy. sun is lethargic to rise on a gloomy day, with open skies, green woods, n a metallic black top road, It was a perfect day for all bike lovers to hit the road and show their skills and aayush was no exception to this. He wanted everything to be perfect for his first long drive on a national highway. He chose his fav wrangler jeans, Levis Tees, Swatch watch, Nike shoes and of course his New Yamaha R15. There was no stoppage to his speed or adrenaline rush, and all of a sudden crashed into a heavy truck. ////// Is it an abrupt end to the story Yes, but not just the story ended but also a promising career of Aayush too The bike was stickered Mom Dads gift to show his love n gratitude to his parents. But he forgot his life is more valuable and bigger than his mere bike Value your life its only then u can savor THE GIFT .

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